Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My experience with OKC Home Realty Services, LLC

Update to this post:

I am very happy to report that within a week of me posting this blog, the fence was fixed and all is good. While no communication was ever attempted by the company to reach me, the fence did get fixed. They may have always planned on fixing it that week rendering my blog irrelevant - but they didn't reach out to me, and I still wrote it. Here is an updated photo:


Back in December, I noticed that my neighbor's tree had fallen over into my backyard and broke the fence that separated our houses (it's not the biggest/heaviest tree, but is still about 25'-30' tall). It happens. In the short-term, I had to tie one of my belts to the fence gate as I have a dog AND my neighbor has a dog.

I went over to talk with my neighbor (whom I had never met) about it to see what it would take to resolve the issue. I found out that he was new to the house and that he rented it from a company and he graciously went and got the contact info for me and wrote down the company's name, number and contact name: OKC Home Realty Services LLC, Scott 405-232-5800.

This was a Saturday and when I called the number I obviously got an answering machine. I left a message and asked for someone to call me back. Needless to say, nobody did and I put it out of my mind for a couple weeks.

My next phone call came a couple weeks later (on a Friday) and Scott picked up. I told him who I was and that I had already left him a message. After I told him which house it was and he found on his list of properties, he told me that he would send a guy out on Monday and get back to me about what their next move would be. Ok, sounds good.

A month later, I call him again (on a Friday) and left a message. I let him know that this was now my third time to reach out in trying to resolve the issue and still have no update. I told him that he needs to get back to me by Tuesday or I'll just have to find some other way of trying to resolve the issue. Scott called me the next day.

It was a Saturday and I was out looking at wedding registry stuff with Marek when Scott called and we recapped the entire situation. He said (almost complete verbatim) that he'll send a guy out on Monday and get it checked out and get back to me. I then told him that I had this exact same conversation with him a month or so back and that I needed to hear back by Tuesday or I was going to "complain" somewhere else and he said he understood and I hung up the phone hoping that would be the end of it....

It is now two weeks later, no call back from OKC Home Realty Services. No call back from Scott. I have never seen anyone back there "checking it out."

So, the first place I will turn is this blog. I wanted to write my non-resolved issued here where others can read it and email me/comment on their thoughts.

It's not that complicated of an issue. A tree has fallen. That's it. As a landlord/property manager, Scott, is this really the best way to handle the situation? REGARDLESS of me connecting with you four different times, REGARDLESS of you telling me you send someone and get back to me (and never did), you were told that you have a tenant that has a fallen tree that has broken your tenant's fence you don't seem to care.

OKC Home Realty Services, LLC

To the public:
Have you ever dealt with this company?

Would you have handled this differently if you were me?

What should I do from here?


  1. I would call Scott every day for a week. If the issue is not resolved in that time, I'd call another Scott. Scott Hines, In Your Corner at KFOR, and let the problem come into a bigger light.
    Good luck!!

  2. I think I'll give Mr. Scott a call on your behalf right now. What a jerk.

  3. My advice is along the lines of Glynis. You need to be more aggressive with your calling (squeaky wheel gets the oil) and always get a "Exactly who will be looking at the situation?" along with dates, times and a communication plan for the results of those findings along with dates and times. Keep a record of everything.

  4. Also ask your neighbor to get involved. He has a vested interest too - especially if you both have dogs. It's likely that the company will be doubly responsive if the tenant (the one paying them)asks for a resolution. - Lanie

  5. I'd threaten him with a Scott Hines visit by leaving him a voicemail, just to make him scramble to get the job done, before he AND his company are exposed on local TV. I think Scott Hines frequents Republic, maybe you can discuss the issue with him there.

  6. Thanks everyone! I'll give Scott a call this afternoon. :)

  7. Mr. Cornett:
    This is Scott Nachatilo, and I appreciate your perspective on this issue, and I understand that you were frustrated that you didn't get what you wanted more quickly.

    I'd like you to know that the first time you and talked on the phone, I did ask my guys to take care of the problem. The went to the property and did some tree trimming, but apparently didn't see the specific item you were asking me about. I guess I should have gone out myself to make sure.

    The second time you called me, I met my guys at the property and we found what you were referring to. I had them fix it right away.

    Anytime you have an issue in the future, please call me and I'll do my best to remedy the situation.

    Scott Nachatilo