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Day 11: June 8, 2006 - Washington D.C to Baltimore

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Day 11: June 8, 2006. Washington D.C. to Baltimore

Woke up early so that we could get to the Capitol early - found out yesterday you actually have to have tickets to get in. Ended up being an extra 1.5 mile walk and an hour less sleep for no reason because we still weren't able to get in. I don't want to talk about.

After our failed attempted in getting into the Capitol we headed over to the Holocaust Museum. We were at the Holocaust Museum for nearly 3 hours. We went over to the Smithsonian after that. Wow, my feet hurt so bad.

We left D.C and went to Baltimore. We are staying tonight with Shannon Guillot. After we dropped our stuff off we headed out to watch Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Dallas up 1-0.

Day 10: June 7, 2006 Washington D.C.

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We woke up this morning and did everything. We started by walking over to the capitol, and then walked all the way through mall to the Lincoln Memorial. Then we walked back to see the Washington Monument. My feet hate me.

We came back near the hotel and had some sushi. Mmmmmmmm. I've never had much sushi but I'm starting to like it.

In the afternoon we headed on over to Ford's Theatre (this was my favorite site of the day). We got to sit in the theatre and hear about the last hours of Lincoln's life. After the presentation up on stage we headed down into the basement where there was a Lincoln museum which even had Lincoln's blood-soaked clothes from the night he was shot! Kind of strange and surreal. After that we headed over to the National Gallery (Ford's favorite part of D.C. so far).

In the evening we walked over to Buffalo Billiards in DuPont Circle where we watched the Stanley Cup, game 2, Carolina won again.

After that we walked back to the hotel and I watched Cast Away on Ford's computer.
Van Gogh

Da Vinci
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