Thursday, August 2, 2012

Google+ Hangout with the Mashable staff

I read Mashable on a daily basis to catch up on all the social media and digital news from around the world.

This afternoon, I saw Mashable's Editor in Chief Lance Ulanoff post on Twitter, "Hanging out on Google+, talking about NBC's handling of the Olympics" and I was interested to hear what they had to say and clicked the link. Next thing I know I am on screen chatting with the Mashable editors and writers I met in May at the Mashable Connect Conference (a couple of whom I ate breakfast with at the conference).

I write this blog not as a "look-at-me" on the Google+ Hangout but more as a "look-at-Mashable" as they have continued to push the bounds of digital media and now they have open invites for their readers to jump on and chat. Can you imagine jumping on and speaking live on video chats with the New York Times editors and reporters? What about CNN?

Thank you to Mashable for the opportunity to at least listen in, and when they called me out directly by name to respond - I apologize I couldn't speak. :( my physical setting didn't allow for it. I'll make sure next time I click a similar link, I'll be ready to interact with a publication that continues to engage with its readers/listeners/friends.

(BTW, that's me in the bottom right portion of the screen wishing I would have chimed in.)