Monday, August 1, 2011

Will I what? Yes, that sounds good with me...

Last week I received an email that drove right on up to one of coolest emails I've received on record.

Fowler Volkswagen wanted to know if I'd be interested in test driving one of their not-yet-released 2012 Passats (for a week) and write about my experience online (yes, this is the car used in the famous Super Bowl commercial containing the 5-yr-old dressed as Darth Vader). I thought about the question for a few seconds...(would I rather drive this brand new car, fully equipped with the new-car-smell or just continue driving my eight-year-old Honda Civic Hybrid?) My conclusion: yes, I can do that.

When I picked up the car last Friday I talked with Jonathan Fowler about all the features this car has...
GPS touchscreen dash? yes.
40 MPGs? yes.
Keyless entry? yes.
Push-button start? yes.
Satellite radio? yes.
Hands-free bluetooth for my iPhone? yes.
Will that hands-free bluetooth play my music through my speakers wirelessly? yes.

I was also encouraged to take a road trip and test out the gas tank that is said to get up to 800 miles in one tank. 800 miles !! one tank!!

Well, Thursday we shall test that 800 mile-in-one-tank theory...I am heading to Chicago for the National Sports Collectors Card Show with my Dad and brother.

So, when you see my tweets that might have #FowlerVW, #Passat or just #VW, you will know what I mean.

Also, i think it is important to state that Fowler Volkswagon is NOT a client and I am not being paid. I will be giving honest assessments of my week with the car. Stick around. Should be fun.

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