Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 9: June 6, 2006 From Chapel Hill to Washington D.C.

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It is day 9 of our two-month(ish) road trip around the U.S. This trip has been everything I hoped it would be...random.

Everyday is different. Everyday we hop in the car and drive to a new city and hope that when we arrive we will be met with friendly people and a new story; so far that has been the case.

Right now we are in North Carolina. I have never been to North Carolina before this trip but after my stay there is no doubt that I will be back.

When we woke up this morning, we made some eggs and then headed out to meet up with our buddy Rob. Rob is a golf professional out at Chapel Ridge Golf Course and he invited us out to play. This was great for us to get outside and walk around and actually get some sort of exercise in considering we are in the car so much. I played pretty good and ended up shooting 8 over (doubled the last hole!!).

One unexpected thing happened on the 14th hole. My dad called my cell phone to let me know that he will be staying in Washington D.C. for the next couple of days and wanted to know if we wanted to join him. Considering we had no plans for the next couple of days and we knew that when we got to D.C. that we wouldn't know of anyone there to stay with...we of course said, "Yes!"

After we finished playing golf, we headed back over to Rob's, grabbed our stuff and hopped in the van to head to D.C. When we got there, we headed out for a late night snack and I got to meet my Dad's new Chief of Staff, David Holt. I got to have my own bed in my dad's room and Ford got his own in David's room. Far different than the back of the van, air mattresses and sleeping bags we'd been grateful to have thus far.

Ford has never been to D.C. so tomorrow we expect yet another adventure.

(Day 10)

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