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Day 8: June 5, 2006 Charleston to Raleigh/Durham

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Day 8: June 5, 2006

We slept in the van last night. Not bad at all considering we have a full-size futon with a down comforter in the back of the van. We put all of our luggage in the front seats and were able to surprisingly be quite comfortable.

We woke up in an unusual way, though. At about 7:45 a.m. Tom Reed decided he would wake us up and scare us out of our minds by knocking loudly on the van window and yelling our names, as "on guard" as you have to be while sleeping in a car in a strange place...this scared the bejebus out of us. Tom just wanted to tell us that his wife left and that if we wanted to come inside and take a shower, we could.

Ford accepted the invite inside and has some good stories about the weirdness of Tom's house...I went down to the beach and sat watching the waves for awhile until it was time to go.

(I know I posted this photo of Ford, Tom and I yesterday but I thought it was so good I needed to do it again)

After we left Tom's house, we found a small diner to eat breakfast in Charleston's and then went to the Charleston Library to use the computers to E-mail, MySpace, all the essentials.

Back on the road we went. Driving up through South Carolina and into North Carolina was so gorgeous.

We headed to a friend of ours that we knew that used to live in Oklahoma City, Rob Yanovitch, or just "Yano".
(Us with Yano)
It had been a year or so since I had seen him so it was great to catch up again. He lives really close to the UNC campus and he took us there and we walked around for a bit and then ate dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, Yano bought dinner. You're the man, Yano.

Afterwards we headed back to his house to begin Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. We are not big NHL fans but the hometown Carolina Hurricanes were playing for the championships so that actually made it quite exciting. They were playing the storied Edmonton Oilers. After being down 3-0, the 'Canes came back and won 5-4! It was a great game to watch.

After that, we turned on some Seinfeld and fell asleep in a bed...not a van. Great day. Day 8, over.

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