Monday, March 23, 2009

Credit, Taxes, Stocks, Insurance

As someone in their mid 20's i'm faced with task that nobody can avoid, learning "grown-up" issues. These issues are not limited to but definitely pertain: Credit, Taxes, Stocks and Insurance. 

Let me list the possibilities for teenagers/young adults trying to learn these important unavoidable tasks: mentor for all 4 sections, specialized classes in a university, take workshops for all four individual sections...but let's be honest...which person in this age group has the money it takes for these worshops/seminars? 

Probably the most common way for young adults to learn these practices is to just simply "learn-as-you-go."

For financial areas as crucial to a person's life as these are it is embarrassing that schools (high schools and universities) don't require all students to take courses on these. Yes, I know that few high schools and most universities offer a class or two to choose but what student (16-23) is going to choose a finance class over some of the more recreational electives offered in schools? 
Granted, there are those few students who know the importance of finances at an early age (thoses students usually come from families that ingrain that importance) but what about the common student...the one that knows the importance of being a kid? The ones that realize that this is the only time when they don't have to worry about rent or where there next meal is coming from? 

What do they do when it's time for them to join the American working class...struggle. If you know a student that fits the bill of needing that extra "push" in the financial direction, give them a shove...because it may take a shove from you to finally get them to take a step forward.

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  1. Great blog Casey...I'm glad you're learning as you go. Also, the extra "push" is a great idea.