Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Having 20/20 for OKC in 2020

When I finally decide to purchase a condo in downtown I want somewhere to go on a Saturday/evening walk. Somewhere to take guests from out of town where noise isn't abundant and is still in walking distance. Somewhere that takes my mind off of wishing I was back in Madrid's Retiro Park (http://tinyurl.com/ctn6r4) or NYC's Central Park and focus on being proud to be in OKC. I love being here now, but when I picture the time when all the previously stated comes true I hope it's not because the 1 block at 4th and Gaylord remains but that Core to Shore and Maps 3 come to full fruition.  

I think Blair and I are on the same side when it comes to seeing OKC become more walkable and pedestrian friendly. I hope to join in Blair's efforts to keep OKC's decision makers on track (as they have been stepping up mightily with bringing Speck and pushing for the Core to Shore plan).  

The one thing I hoped to accomplish with my last blog posting was to ensure hope into all those protesting the block at 4th and Gaylord that there is another project worth your time and efforts. I'm just hoping that enthusiasm for OKC's future isn't hanging on the fate of that block that has already been approved for change. I need all those wishing to keep OKC going in the right direction to not get discouraged yet to shift focus to what could/should be a project for OKC's next generation(s).  

Am I against those protesting for the block at 4th and Gaylord? Absolutely not. I just know that those opposing the change on that block are the ones that should also be proponents of Core to Shore. I just hope the same energy and effort spent trying to save that block will still be available as it will be needed come the vote for Core to Shore.  

Steve Lackmeyer - Thanks for the blog love, but let's see your comments too and not just snippets of Blair and I's...  

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Blair- Don't you have a thesis to write? :)

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