Monday, May 11, 2009

Planning out Summer 09

Yesterday, I sat down and started detailing my trip this summer with my friend who is traveling with me for part of the trip (June 7-16, my entire trip is from June 1-29). We laid out museums and historic landmarks that we want to make sure we see and purchased a few tickets to museums...The Louvre in Paris and Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam. But as we planned out many of these "must-see" attractions I started thinking about wanting to be apart of in not just viewing something but actually witnessing something happening. 

While living in Madrid (August 2006- April 2007) I never got to see a bullfight. That became priority number one when I get to Madrid, my starting point and final destination on my trip. Then I looked into soccer (futbol) matches because I've always heard of the excitment and importance all around the world of soccer and want to witness an 80,000 crowd for a regular soccer game, yelling in a language I barely understand...kinda sounds exciting. 

I will miss running with the bulls by 1 week. I'm very bummed at that. I also barely miss the Tour de France and the British Open just barely. It is hard to complain, however, considering all the great historic sites and museums I will get to see along with beaches like Barcelona but I still feel like there are events that I'll be missing out on. Events that only locals usually witness. Can anyone think of any events or games I could attend? I racked my brain and I'm falling short. Euorpe in June...there has to be more going on.

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  1. Although I'm not aware of any events, I hear that Clermont-Ferrand, France, is beautiful. Located in the Avignon region, the small, scenic city is nestled in a valley where, according to now-erased Wikipedia entry, dragons roam free.

    Other than that, I'd recommend Paris. Perhaps there will be another round of strikes so you can see history in the making. Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time!