Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My idea for the next 68 days:

Last night, I had and idea.

Back in 2006, I didn't have a blog. I didn't really want one for many reasons.

One, seemingly the only option was Xanga.
Two, I didn't like Xanga.
Three, I didn't think blogs would last...back then everyone wanted to write blogs and have everyone read them but almost the only way anyone knew how to get the word out about their blog was by word of mouth or e-mailing the link to everyone they knew everytime there was a new blog update...While Twitter, Facebook and MySpace were starting to gain ground, they were still fairly new and to me, the blogosphere was dying.

Now, when I decided to take the most ridiculous trip of all-time (my 68-day roadtrip around the U.S.) I decided I would actually try to take notes and write everything down day by day...and I did.

Since we averaged about 2.5 hours in the van each day, I had plenty of time to write down my daily events. I wrote most of my daily activities down on college-rule notebook paper only filling out about 2/3 of a page per day, some longer and some shorter. I've had all this in a notebook along with many other notes (gas prices at every stop, daily expenses, mileage markers) and lots of photos to share. Since this is all just in paper form I have always worried that something might happen to it, i.e. lose it, it gets wet, a fire...something like that.

I have decided to start on Monday, Jan. 17 with Day 1 on this blog. For 68 days, I will transcribe all my notes and writings day by day with interactive links and photos just as I did in 2009 in Europe. Just because I didn't have wireless capabilities in 2006 or ways to communicate my crazy trip totaling over 14,000 miles doesn't mean I can't start now.

This Monday, Day 1, will be our start to the trip, details of what we hope to do and our destination spot #1, New Orleans.

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