Wednesday, January 23, 2013

10 Years in 10 Days

On Feb. 3, I turn 30.


My 20s have been pretty incredible and to think back on who I was at 20 years old and to compare that person to who I am today, wow, what a transformation.

I wanted to take a year-by-year look into it; really reflect back on the years that, by all accounts, will go down as the most adventurous, free-willing and irresponsible decade of my life (if I had to guess). That is not to say that my future will not be adventurous nor free-willing...just not as much as my 20s as a whole.

Tomorrow, Thursday, Jan. 24, I will look back on being 20 - where I was, who I hung out with and what I hoped to be like at that time. The next day on Jan. 25 I will move on to being 21, and then 22, etc.

I will end this 10-day blog-a-thon on my 30 birthday. Looking into why what I hope to see (or not see) in my 30s and what my life is like now.

20s, it's been nice and it's time to send you out with style.

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