Thursday, March 14, 2013

Top 10 comments/questions I hear when speaking about Social Media

  1. "I'm really good at Linkedin."
    - That sentence doesn't make any sense.
  2. "Why should I care what everybody else had for breakfast?"
    - Sounds like you follow the wrong people.
  3. "My employer won't see that post because I have my account set to private."
    - riiiiiiight.
  4. "When will Facebook have a 'Dislike' button?"
    - Never. Advertisers would hate it.
  5. "I really could just 'pin' stuff all day..."
    - Me, too.
  6. "But, it only takes me 5 min. to write a good blog."
    - You're doing it wrong.
  7. "How do I get more followers?"
    - Stop being boring.
  8. "You tweet a lot."
    - You should hear what I don't tweet...
  9. "But, we're a non-profit. None of this really applies to us."
    - I'm about to come head-butt you.
  10. "Are you a social media guru?"
    - Don't ever ask me that again.

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