Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 28 and more; Home

Well, the trip is over. I'm home.

I arrived at the Madrid airport way later than I should have (only an hour and 15 min before my flight) so I was a little nervous about missing my flight but I arrived to find out my flight had been delayed. Hooray. 2 hour and 50 min after my flight was scheduled to take off we finally hit the skies. So, because we left so late I ended up missing my connection in Dallas. I catch the next flight in Dallas and arrive into beautiful OKC at 9:15 with the sun finally going down.

I was welcomed at the airport by my mom, dad, brother and another friend Aimee (the one that originally traveled with me). They showed up with "welcome home" signs... :) big smile.

bed time and jet lag soon to hit.


Ok, this is now my third day back home and jetlag didn't hit me as hard as last time and I actually slept in today to a respectable hour instead of waking up at 6 a.m. for no reason the past couple of days. Now, I'm just uploading videos and photos to youtube ( and Flickr ( and hope to have it all done by Monday morning.

Enjoy celebrating THIS country's birthday this weekend!

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