Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 27; Madrid

Today is my last day in Europe...

Oh man, what an adventure. I loved it all. Madrid, Segovia, Toledo, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Milan, Lugano, back to Milan, Dublin, back to London, Barcelona and finishing at Madrid...all in 29 days.

This trip has shown me the ultimate ends of my patience to the ultimate highs and thrills only imagined. I've been overwhelmed, underwhelmed, up, down, confused, enthused, tired and rejuvinated. This trip has made me see it all, all of me.

Spending my last full day here in Madrid is very fitting as would not rather spend it anywhere else and as I write this it is now 2:10 a.m. and I've been sitting on this balcony near Plaza Espana over looking Gran Via for about three hours now. Watching the halfmoon go from straight up all the way out and set past the Western horizon. great night, great day.

I did sport my USA Olympic jersey into a couple different bars for the USA vs. Brazil soccer game and watched them lose by a goal in the final 10 min...but that's ok. I watched it in Europe...that's what I'll remember. I will write my last blog post for this trip either tomorrow or the day following, depending on my strength to even get back home. For now I listen to this ( and hope that all of you at some point do this (

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  1. Wow, Casey.
    Excellent blog.
    Impressive, even.

    Thanks for all the FUN and excitement
    as I lived vicariously through your