Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Madrid day 2

I finally fell asleep at 2:30 a.m. last night (jet lag is weird) but slept til 11:45 a.m. Boy did I need that. I got 4 hours of sleep the night before I left because I woke up early to do final packing assesments etc. and I got between 2-3 hours of off an on sleep on the overnight plane to Madrid and then when I arrived I walked around all day visiting various sites...I was exhausted. A very happy exhausted though :)

After rolling out of bed and getting all my essentials (Euros, digital camera, video camera, iPod and keys) I put on one of my many white t's and headed out. About the time I reached Plaza Espana, ( I realized my iPod decided it was going to play a joke on me and not work for the time being. "Oh, that silly iPod," I said to myself and took the headphones off, alleviating part of the typical tourist stereotype and headed up Gran Via (

I took a short detour into popular clothing store H&M an quickly realized the summer line for men's clothing consisted of pink t-shirts with a v-neck cut. No thank you.

From H&M I headed over to Spain's famous Plaza Mayor ( and couldn't resist the taking photos of the famous plaza. I might as well have been holding a sign that read, "I don't speak Spanish, I am a tourist and come play music next to me in hopes I'll give you some money."

After walking through the plaza's beautiful arching entry/exits I headed down to the Grand Opry house and directly behind the opera was the palace (

Some photos of these places as well as the dominating pizza I made back at Angela's apartment and a gigantic advertisement of Hugh Laurie (star of my favorite TV show "House") can be found here Enjoy.

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