Thursday, June 4, 2009

Madrid Day 3

This morning 2 of my American friends, Aimee Freyman and Jason Opheim, arrived in Madrid. Jason was a previous roommate of mine and it was Aimee's first time here. Apparently jet lag doesn't apply to either of them as they were both anxious to hit the streets of Madrid and see the sites.

We went to Paco's (technically called Bar Collette but we call it Paco's because that is the name of one of the owners and we love him quite a bit; Paco and Tony, Paco is the one on the left with older brother Tony on the right) for an amazing lunch of Paella and Sangria/Mahou and then hit up many of the tourist hotspots.

Visiting many of the previously mentioned sites again, I also added the Museo del Prado to the list today (

Here in about 20 minutes, a group of us are heading up to the Templo de Debold ( where we can see stunning views of the sunset...(

We don't really have any plans after that but I'm sure we can find some.


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