Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 6; London

After our good 3 hour "nap" as our night's sleep, we headed out of Jeronimo's apartment and grabbed a taxi to Madrid's Barajas to fly to London.

No sleep on the plane for me as I spent the whole time uploading photos and videos and labels...well worth it.

This whole trip began with the planning around my friend, Doug, and I planning out a 10-day trip and it started in London and went to Paris then Amsterdam, Berlin and finished in Prague. But I expanded it to what it is today. Anyway, I met up with Doug this morning as his flight flew into London this morning. We didnt want to use phones on our trip and just decided to, "meet you at Big Ben at 11:45 a.m.?" and it worked out.

Doug met up with Aimee and I and we marvelled at Big Ben and the Parliment before crossing the Thames river and riding the Eye of London (,

After admiring the great view across London we started on a long trek all across London Central hitting St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminister Abbey and never did see Abbey Road but it is a primary spot for tomorrow.

We went to the Tower of London ( and walked over Tower bridge (

After that we headed on over to our next couchsurfer's apartment, Jen. Jen lives in Notting Hill (yes, like the movie) and took us to this AWESOME pub that was the place, "Churchill's Arms" ( where Winston Churchill gave all his war update radio announcements from 1940-1945. That is the kind of stuff you don't see/find without locals. I love couchsurfing.

I'm having trouble finding some for Paris though. I sent out a couple more requests tonight so I hope to get some good feedback.

Tomorrow we are sure to hit the Abbey Road (I'll be Paul and Doug will be John), British Museum, National Gallery and the Royal Observatory.

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