Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 23; London

As I woke up this morning I decided I would take the time to upload some videos/photos. I was told that the house cleaner was arriving arround 9 and that she would be there cleaning for 3 hours (this is very important because I need to leave before or the same time she leaves because she has a key to lock up and I obviously don't). So, I get up around 9:30 a.m. and realize that the she's in the house cleaning and my couchsurfing host, Lucy, has already gone to work at the BBC and I figure I have lots of time to relax and upload videos/take a shower/ or whatever. So, I turn on the computer and check e-mails and do the normal stuff and decide to upload videos and then take a shower (side note, the videos take roughly an hour each but I can upload two at a time so I do that).

After my shower I notice that it's now 10:45 a.m. and the videos still have roughly 40 min remaining so I start getting dressed and have everything on except shoes and socks when the house keeper comes by and waves goodbye to me as she is about to walk out the door...WHOA!! I say and try to explain to her that I need to leave with her because I don't have keys (I say TRY to explain to her because she doesn't speak much English and I definitely don't speak whatever her native tongue is). So she figures outwhat I'm saying and I ask her for five minutes. She goes back into the kitchen to do...whatever it is she does... and I frantically start aborting my videos, putting on shoes and socks, folding blankets, packing my bag and gathering my things to leave for the day. Whew! It was definitely a rush but EVERYTHING worked out just fine so it was kind of a fun story to laugh at throughout my walk to the metro.

I had booked a hosetel for tonight at St. Christopher's Village and actually filmed the hostel and would upload it but pepole kept trying to ask me what I was doing while I was filming and after the third take I just gave up and found something better to do.

My second night here in London was poorly planned on my part because I just assumed I was staying with my previous couchsurfing host but I never gave her the dates and she booked a flight to Lisbon instead. So, hostel for the night, which was quite fun as it's connected to a bar/cafe next door and tonight was Karoke night. I tried to get on stage and bust some Digital Underground or Dr. Dre (in honor of my older brother) but they didn't have either...silly British people and their silly karoke. I was pretty tired anyway so to bed I go...OH! I forgot to mention I went to Wimbledon today. Yes, I went to Wimbledon but did not see any tennis at all, mainly because of the many reasons I don't like London: hard to find things and with the walking it took, 100% honesty, 2 hours and 25 min to get to...let's just say if it was my first day of the trip I would have made it work but at this point in my trip I wasn't willing to put forth as much effort as Wimbledon required.

So, off to take a shower then to bed. Quite noisy outside but I think I'll put some Norah Jones on and pass out soon. Cheers, from London. Barcelona tomorrow where I will be in my 8th different language city (they don't speak Spanish in Barcelona, they speak Catalon).

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