Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 19; Milan (again)

After last night's debauchle of missing my flight to Liverpool and having to frantically find a place to sleep and a new flight out of the city that hates me (Milan) I am finally on my way (again) to the airport. It is amazing how much you can plan and prepare for something and no mater what you do...something seems to wrong at somepoint. I guess it's just a lapse of concentration but it sure messed up a couple of days that I really want to have back.

I am a giant Beatles fan. My iPod plays all their albums all the time and I had it scheduled to go to the Beatles' hometown of Liverpool for about 35 hours (2 nights) only to see sights like "Strawberry Field" and "Penny Lane" and love every minute of only downfall was that I took a bus that was 25 feet in front of the bus I needed. Ohhh the glory of hindsight. (Go to the next bus!! Not that one, the one behind it!!!) Why didn't someone scream that to me?

Ok, well if you read yesterday's blog you will find all the details but basically today has become a wash and I no longer got to see Liverpool (on this trip) and will trek ahead to Dublin as originally planned tomorrow at 11 a.m. Because I never successfully met up with my previous Milan couchsurfer I will not suffer the delerium of finding another hostel or hotel and will instead head to the airport on the latest bus tonight, 11:15 p.m. (15 min from now) to make sure I don't mess THIS flight up. I had a great dinner (the absolute highlight of today) eating and drinking with some locals while watching a futbol game.

I got to watch Spain vs. South Africa and I was the only one rooting for Spain to beat South Africa. I didn't care. Spain was winning and some little pathetic part of me felt like that was important at the time being. I rooted them on to victory at a 2-0 win.

Well, short blog because I don't want to be late for the hour long bus awaiting me. I am still in high spirits regardless of the downpoor of bad luck in the past 24 hours and press on towards Dublin and trying my best Irish accent.

Here's to 12 hours at the airport...cheers!

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