Saturday, September 5, 2009

When is history...history?

I recently had a conversation with one of my friends about an e-mail he received from district (he's a Putnam City school teacher).

He told me that no teacher was not allowed to show Obama's speech on education in class unless they had permission from every parent from every student in the class...really??

I have not seen/heard his speech. I want that said before I even start typing my opinion on the whole topic.

Why are we banning the speeches of president of the United States of America? I am NOT saying that the teachers should be forced to show the speech. I am NOT saying the district should insist the speech be watched...but come out and ban it?

A popular response I hear is, "Well it's not part of the curriculum."

Sooooo are we saying that if the president called the principal of a school and said, "Hi, this is President (any president) and I'd like to come speak at your school. Would it be possible for me to have 5-10 minutes to speak on education to your students?" that the principal's "proper" response will be, "Sorry, it's not in our curriculum."

Not a chance.

Don't they teach U.S. History in school? Is what the President of the United States says not considered a part of our U.S. history? I heard countless "historic" presidential speeches growing up... I realize that but I don't have kids so my opinion might fall on deaf ears.

I do know that the seniors and juniors in high schools today will have a vote in the 2012 presidential elections and a longtime common theme has been that the young voters just don't vote....THIS SURE ISN'T HELPING IN REVERSING THAT TREND.

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