Sunday, December 6, 2009

MAPS 3: Why I'm voting "YES"

Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. the MAPS 3 election will take place and will note a big day in Oklahoma City's history.

Those in favor of the Maps 3 campaign "Yes for Maps" include 7 city councilman, current Mayor Mick Cornett, and former mayors Kirk Humphreys, Ron Norick, Andy Coates and Jim Norick. Governor Brad Henry and Governor Frank Keating also endorse Maps 3.

Those that oppose Maps 3 include a handful of misguided citizens and one city politician, councilman Brian Walters.

Those opposing the MAPS 3 initiative try to make people believe that there are others that are in favor of their side other than their greedy unions (and they are probably right) but how do others show their appreciation? By giving a hefty $250. Unions gave $120,000.

Businesses have contributed over $220,000 in favor of "Yes for Maps" money.

The Union bosses for anti-Maps coming from the Police and Fire have been clamoring from the beginning that they need more public safety employed to help the cause...but when the union negotiations began (by Union bosses that live in Newcastle and Norman) none of their demands dealt with more public safety...
again...greedy. Do our police officers and fire fighters deserve the respect they receive? Absolutely they do. They also are shown that by the city by being paid well with early retirement packages and 5 days off at a time.

Oh, and the average fireman makes $77,000 and the average police officer makes $75,000 (read discussions on it here,, not bad considering the median income of an ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD in OKC is $32,656. "INCOME: The median income of households in Oklahoma City city, Oklahoma County pt. was $32,656. Seventy-eight percent of the households received earnings and 16 percent received retirement income other than Social Security. Twenty-four percent of the households received Social Security. The average income from Social Security was $11,893." -

Recently, those supporting the Anti-Maps coalition vandalized public property with spray paint...causing more OKC employees to work through the very cold morning yesterday causing more OKC budget money being spent...way to think that one through.

Another reason the opposition tries to express their anger at the world is to try to have the voter tricked into thinking the $777m estimate is not going to happen...what they're not telling you (probably because they don't know and/or don't care) is that when the MAPS for KIDS estimate was set at $512m, it was set pre 9/11, set pre ".com" bust...set in a recession and ended in a recession and in the end what did it raise?? $514m...and they aren't telling you the same people used to get that $512m estimate are the same people that set the $777m estimate.

The anti-Maps act as if there is a good reason for them to cheer on their pessimism and negative attitudes...all I see are reasons to cheer on what OKC has come from the past couple decades.

The vote, if passed, will keep OKC's sales tax the SAME as they are currently, 8.375%. Want to know how that compares to other city's around here?

Warr Acres 8.5%
Nichols Hills 8.5%
The Village 8.5%
Bethany 8.5%
Yukon 8.85%
Mustang 8.85%

So, if you feel OKC has done well with our metro low 8.375% then vote "YES"

"Downtown is dead, and we helped kill it." - Former City Councilman I.G. Purser

The above phrase was the overall feeling of the citizens back on that April day of 1988. The anti-MAPS people have tried with much energy to make you think we are still living in that era. We most definitely don't. Take a few minutes to read who Oklahoma City is now and read that quote inbetween each article:

Need visual assurance our city is headed in the right direction? How about this photo of California Avenue before and after...

Do NOT let misinformation from the opposition sway your vote. I have provided sourced materials for you to double check what I've said and if you want to investigate further please check out all these other links to better educate your vote.

When you get to the ballot box on Tuesday, side with the people that have brought this city back to the place you're proud of...not the Union bosses that don't even live here. This is your city, not theirs. Prove that this Tuesday.

How did we get here??? MAPS. Keep it going. Vote "Yes" on Tuesday.


  1. Thank you soooo very much for posting this :) I will link you where ever i can:) Great and oohh so true post:)

  2. You have no idea what you are talking about. If you take the time to do any research you will find that those salaries are way off. Yes, a our administrative Chiefs are very well compensated, but as for the rank and file, here are some facts!

    1) A firefighter works 24 hour shifts. Yet only gets paid for 16 hours for the 24 hours of that day.
    2) According to the 2008 contract. A 10 year Corporal makes $27.93 for a 16 hour day. Now take that a stretch it over a 24 hour period, you get $18.62.
    3) So..when that firefighter works Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a total of 72 hours, that firefighter will have 4 days off then work again that Wednesday, Friday and Sat. For a total of 144 hours in that 2 week period. Only to get paid for 80 hours for those 2 weeks. (I am sure you would cry about working that much overtime and not get compensated for it)
    4) When a firefighter works any holiday, they get paid straight time. (You would get paid time and a half or even double time! Firefighters do not!)

    Here are the starting salaries for Firefighters in our region. I did my research. All this information can be found online or a phone call to the respective Cities Payroll/HR departments.
    Lets compare:

    OKC- $31,194.00 source
    Moore - $31,194.00 they use the same pay matrix as OKC
    Norman- $38,530.00 source Norman Fire Department Contract located online.
    Tulsa- $34,741.20 source City of Tulsa website
    Yukon- $32,500 source Yukon Firefighters Union
    Edmond- $38,766 Edmond Fire Department Contract
    Dallas- $41,690 source City of Dallas website
    Austin- $48,968 source City of Austin website
    Kansas City KS- $34,711.44 source City Of Kansas City website

    So my reason for voting NO, is that all of these politicians have lied! They will not tell us, the tax payer, any details. They want their playground paid for by the hard working class citizens. I say, if Devon wants a park for their new skyscraper..then build one yourselves! Why do I want a governent owned water park to compete with the private owned White Water right down the street. (By the way, the water park in North Carolina that the City is mirroring itself on, just closed, as reported by News 9!)
    The City can't afford to pay for services to its citizens as it is. As per News 9, the City is in its worst economic crisis in years! Sales Tax Revenue is at an all time low with no end in sight. So lets spend more money we don't have! Sounds like a good stable plan to me!

  3. "most recession proof" Sales tax revenues down. Go to and click on the Budget and Finance link. See for yourself! They can't even pay for the Sports Facilities (NBA) Tax. Which ends in March 10'

    "most recession proof" OKC employee newsletter telling its employees to "think about where you wield your debit card" because we need the money!!!

    "most recession proof" County jail needs 400 million dollars to fix jail under threat of the federal government. Can't wait till that tax!

  4. Cathy - I said average salary and you countered with the salaries of a rookie fire fighter...not exactly winning me over.

    County jail does not need $400m to fix anything because it will cost at most $310 for a brand new one:
    But not that you would care to actually look up the cost...
    also, that money would be split between the County...not the city. Thank you for commenting though and I'm glad you started all that off with, "You have no idea what you're talking about"

  5. I heard your dad say on the radio yesterday that if you get an Oklahoma City water bill, there is a 99.9% chance you are eligible to vote on MAPS. Any idea why The Village is in that 0.1%?

  6. Cathy - in response to your comments about firefighters working 144 hours in a 2 week period and only getting paid for 80... welcome to the real world. Sounds just like my old consulting job where I worked 80 hours a week... I can't tell you how many people in this world work OT and don't get a dime for it. You get what you sign up for.

  7. The White Water Center in North Carolina IS open and is not a "water park" like White Water Bay. It is a white water rafting facility that will have world class training capabilities for Olympic athletes as well as general public uses. US Canoe/Kayak just announced they are opening an office in OKC because of all we have done to impress the Canoe/Kayak community, i.e. the Oklahoma River development.

    We can't sit around and wait for great things to happen to us we have to continue to make them happen!

  8. "So lets spend more money we don't have! Sounds like a good stable plan to me!"

    The whole point of MAPS is to NOT put our city into debt. Things don't get built until we have the money. The whole process mirrors the ideal way people should make their large purchases in everyday life.

  9. Carmackattack is right, it's a savings plan for our city. Just like we save and invest in our homes to increase their value and our quality of life, we must do the same thing for our city. THINK before you SPEAK.