Thursday, October 29, 2009

The countdown begins...

MAPs 3 is upon us and (like it or not) could possibly altar the face of Oklahoma City to break it down in a "Voting for Dummies" way - THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Whether you want MAPs to pass or you want it to fail, it is very important to get involved.

I have heard about every viewpoint I can think of and heard lots of speeches. Discussed in depth on local blogs and had many phone calls. Read much and talked even more...I will vote "yes" to pass MAPs 3 because that is the right I've been given as an OKC citizen and hope that you will exercise that right as well.

Of course, I want to sit on my blog and write all day long about each project and which ones I like more than others and what I am most excited about but I feel like my role in all this is just to simply raise awareness. I feel that there is enough information on all eight projects out there for anyone to cast an educated vote. Are there things to argue? Absolutely. But on December 8 (day of the ballot goes to a vote) you must inevitably stand in the ballot box and ask yourself,

"Is the $10.75-ish a month for the next 7.5 years worth it?"

(My breakdown on the cost - $777 million for 7 years 9 months total for sales tax. All estimates point to sales tax generating 30% of the whole from out-of-city residents...leaving $543k to OKC residents to make up. Census in '06 says 537k live in OKC and the population has slighly risen making the $543k needed almost equaling the population completely to $1000 a person. At $1000k a person over the 93 months...roughly $10.75 a month...yes, this is a ballpark and if it is off it will not be off drastically.)

I encourage all of you to show up at all discussions of MAPs 3 to be even more educated on the projects:

1. Transit
2. Convention Center
3. Central Park 57 miles of new public bicycling and walking trails
4. River Development (outdoor rafting facility)
5. Fairgrounds upgrades
6. Senior Citizen Wellness Centers
7. Sidewalks throughout the city on major streets
8. 57 miles of new public bicycling and walking trails

The future of Oklahoma City is too important to sit by and watch this go by. We are talking about a revitalization of our city, our home and of course our future.

Ways to (non-physically) be involved/get educated...
Set a "google alert" for "maps 3" for news

There are so many other places but you get the idea...gotta go, part 2 of 3 luncheon at the Petroleum Club...topic? MAPs 3 - Central Park

This vote is going to ballot to you and your neighbors on Dec. 8, 2009.

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